Planning and Development

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Every four years a strategic plan is produced which the Committee of Management and Council approve as the direction for Calisthenics. In formulating the strategic plan, the Committee of Management takes into account data regarding the changing demands of our participants, parents and society in general. The strategic plan aims to grow the sport, improve the quality of its operations and keep it safe for all participants.

A major responsibility of planning is the development of policies. In consultation with the Australian Sports Commission, the Committee of Management ensure that the ACF policies comply with State and Federal regulations. These policies ensure that our sport is safe for all members including pupils, administrators and parents. Safety involves minimising the risk of injury, bullying, harassment, discrimination and running a drug free sport. Once these policies are approved by the Committee of Management, according to the ACF Constitution, they are automatically adopted by the State Sporting Associations.


The ACF receives capitation fees from each of the State Associations for all participating members. This fee includes a percentage which is allocated to the Development Fund. This fund has been established to develop calisthenics further in both participant numbers and coaching quality in Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales.
This development plan has been in operation since 2005 and has proved extremely successful in strengthening Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales. All states are eligible to apply for funding in October for allocation in the following year.

For further enquiries regarding funding contact your State delegate.