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Information to help market your club

Late 2001 Nexus Research conducted a general public perception survey of calisthenics and the findings provides valuable tips for marketing your club and our sport.

The aim of the research was to determine:

  • The general awareness level of calisthenics
  • What people think of the sport

The survey involved speaking to 200 mothers of girls aged between 4 and 15 years. Briefly, it showed us that there is a very low level of knowledge about calisthenics in the community. It also showed us however that, when aspects of the sport were described to unaware mothers, the aspects greatly appealed to them. So we believe that there is a market; we just need to educate the market and sell the strong points. Nexus Research believed that there is potential to double participation with the right marketing tools.

A summary of these interesting findings is below, along with their implications to calisthenics. 

New Pupil Survey
Conducted: July 2000, Victoria

Findings Implications to Calisthenics
Where did new pupils hear about calisthenics?                 
53% introduced by a friend
11% aim to improve fitness
13% ad in newspaper
10% brochures
1.5% school start
0% Cinema
Bring a friend day a major source of marketing
Run an "Ex club" where the club looks after past members.
This could be done through:
still on the newsletter distribution list
invited to help in administration, events or coaching
invitation to club activities
Keeping past pupils involved will increase your chances of them bringing their children, nieces and nephews to your club.

If you would like further information to assit you with marketing your club, please contact your State Sporting Organisation. The ACF acknowledge each Member State operate independantly to ACF and have thier own policies and procedures in relation to marketing strategies within their own States.