It will be 3 years since our wonderful and talented calisthenic participants have performed at a national event and  we aim to break this drought in 2022.

Clearly, with COVID currently dominating our lives we will need to think “outside the box” to explore and discover new possibilities for a national event. ACF has certainly missed our national championship and are very keen and enthusiastic to engage our calisthenic community in 2022. We are also well aware of the planning required by each state when preparing for nationals. Our aim is to develop a plan that minimises high risk in relation to preparing teams/soloists/duos for nationals and having to then cancel the event because of lockdowns and border closures etc. Definitively our strategy will be to develop Plan A (Ultimate engagement) and Plan B (diversification).

We have watched, with great interest and high praise, each state discovering new and innovative ways to host competitions and we know we have the talent out there to transfer that innovation to stage nationals in 2022.

A Nationals Organising Committee is currently being formed and their task will be to explore options for a national event in 2022.  It may look a little different from our traditional event and the purpose will be to have as many of our states as possible participating.

Watch this space for ideas and plans to re-ignite our national event.  Together we can achieve a positive outcome, working with what we do have rather than what we don’t have.


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