Pan Pacific Masters Games

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The Pan Pacific Masters' Games Calisthenics Competition will be held in the Gold Coast on November 8-10 2022.

Ages sections are offered in the following structure:
  • Average team age 26 – 35
  • Average team age 36 – 45
  • Average team age 46 and above
  • Duo average age 25 – 35
  • Duo average age 36 – 45
  • Duo average age 46 and above

The PPMG is primarily a team event with international medals awarded to individual items.
ACF also host a Duo event for those who enjoy performing with a friend, the added physical challenge, or both!

This event is open to ACF registered members who wish to represent their own club or come together to represent multiple clubs.
Each team has the option to choose if they wish to enter all events or just one, as is not compulsory to enter every item.

For further information on entering a team or duo item in the next Pan Pacific Masters Games, please contact:
 * your local Calisthenic Club
 * your State Organising Body

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