IFC Banner 28 - Comp Intro

The ACF are pleased to offer two major competitive events for its members.

Event #1: National Championships

The ACF National Championships began in 1988. Each member State, on a rotational basis, hosts the Championships in July each year.

Every year, each member State enter selective teams and solo/duo participants to represent their State. For further information on State Representatives, please contact your State Organising Body.

This event is the pinnacle of competitive Calisthenics. The best of the best.

Event #2: Pan Pacific Masters

The ACF are thrilled to be part of the Pan Pacific Masters Games.  An anticipated 14,000 participants from all over the world will compete in the 42-sport event which has stamped itself on the calendar at the beginning of November every two years.

Held on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, teams, soloists and duo participants come together to compete for the coveted internationally recognised titles.

A truly amazing experience for Calisthenic Club level representatives.