About the ACFCC

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About the ACFCC

The Australian Calisthenic Federation Coaching Committee (ACFCC) was formed to give each State and Territory a voice in the direction of Coaching at a National level.
The Role of the ACFCC is to:

  • Maintain and revise calisthenic coaching courses for national accreditation;
  • Maintain active links with the Australian Sports Commission to ensure two way communications on resources, training courses, coaching programs and other relevant information;
  • Design, coordinate and evaluate coaching courses for national accreditation;
  • Liaise with the ACF and other ACF Sub Committees; and
  • Organise on behalf of the ACF a Calisthenic Coaches Conference usually held once every 4 years.

Current Members of the ACFCC are:

  ACF Director of Coaching    
  ACFCC Registrar
  ACT State Delegate
  NSW State Delegate
  NT State Delegate
  QLD State Delegate
  SA State Delegate
  VIC State Delegate
  WA State Delegate

  Carolyn Fortune
  Alex Otzen
  Denise Spencer & Rachel Holdway
  Narelle Drake
  Cassandra Smith
  Jessica Cunningham
  Heather O'Connor
  Keira Cowell & Rebecca Rose
  Christine Polglaze

Delegates from each state meet twice a year to discuss the coaching programmes and all aspects of coaching.


The roles of a Calisthenics Coach are as varying as they are interesting, from teaching basic deportment to choreographing items and costume design. Continuous learning and training ensures Coaches are able to draw on a vast array of experience incorporating many styles of dance into their routines.

Although the role of a coach is rewarding and enjoyable, it is important to ensure those responsible for classes are properly trained.

Through the Cadet Program and Level 1 and Level 2 courses we ensure all coaches have the best basis for their coaching careers. Level 2 qualifications are available for coaches who wish to further their coaching knowledge. These courses are updated and reviewed periodically to ensure up-to-date information is available.

There are currently four ACF National Coach Education Programs:

    1. Cadet Program
    2. Recreational Level 1
    3. Level One, and
    4. Level Two.

Please refer to the relevant website pages for further information on these programs.

The Band Movements DVD is now available. Please visit the 'Coach Education' section of our video Resource Centre.