Featured Adjudicator

Sharon Bates

Throughout her 21 years as a dedicated and passionate Championship Calisthenics competitor, Sharon strived to take on the challenge of every aspect of her chosen sport that was on offer.

As a team member at Avonde Calisthenics College, Sharon was a member of many winning teams in State Titles and RSSS competitions. Her favourite items were the core items, especially Free Exercises and Aesthetics.

Always motivated to perfect her technical skills, Sharon was a keen student of the Calisthenics Skills programme and went on to achieve her Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals.

As a soloist, Sharon loved competing in both Graceful and Calisthenics solos, representing Victoria at Nationals, placing numerous times at RSSS and winning the CVI State Titles across most age groups, including the Senior section.
State Team was another exciting focus for Sharon, both as a team/solo competitor and Coach.

Aside from Coaching Championship teams (Avonde and Merinda) and many, many solo girls over the years, Sharon has also developed Coaching modules, presented at National conferences and VCCA Coach Education Seminars, and run coaching development workshops for various clubs, rural and regional groups and National or Representative squads all over Australia.

Sharon has volunteered her time extensively on various Calisthenics Boards and Committees, including the Calisthenics Victoria Board of Management, the Examiners Advisory Board and Adjudicating Committees.

In 2000, Sharon was awarded the Australian Sports Medal for her achievements in Calisthenics.

Balancing the demands of a busy Corporate career with raising a young family, Sharon has now stepped back from coaching and enjoys continuing her involvement in Calisthenics through Adjudicating. Sharon is fortunate to have adjudicated in every State and Territory and every age group and division but considers some of her favourite adjudicating moments to be RSSS Graceful and the inaugural RSSS Calisthenic Solo competitions. 

As an Adjudicator, Sharon adopts a positive and supportive, ambassadorial approach. From her strong vocal encouragement of competitors, teams and their families, Sharon always strives to ensure everyone feels appreciated, fairly adjudicated and knows where to focus their improvement efforts for their next performance. She has genuine appreciation for and deep understanding of the time, financial and emotional commitment that calisthenics can require and admires those who strive to be the best they can be.