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Members of the Adjudicator’s Advisory Board

Kerryn Waddell

Kerryn Waddell

Director of Adjudicating

Kerryn has been a member of ASCA (Victoria) since 1989 having served on the Committee as Secretary, the CVI Director of ASCA, Vice President and President. She has adjudicated a broad range of divisions and age groups in all States, Territories, at Royal South Street since 1996; and at the National Championships on 4 occasions. Her recent Calisthenic achievements include ASCA Life Membership, ACF Official of the Year 2012, a CVI Certificate of Appreciation and the VIS Official of the Year.

Kerryn has been a representative of the Adjudicators’ Advisory Board for 15 years, and in 2013, commenced as the AAB Director of Adjudicating.  As the Director she looks forward to providing leadership, support and direction to the AAB on all matters related to adjudication; acting as an adviser to the ACF on the training, education and accreditation of Adjudicators; and identifying the changing needs of adjudication and with the AAB developing plans to meet these.

Alison Lewis

Alison Lewis

ASCA delegate – Victoria

Alison has been involved in calisthenics as a pupil, coach, parent and an adjudicator for over 45 years. She has been a part of the Victorian Branch of ASCA since 1997 and has adjudicated teams and solos at ACF National Championships, RSSS, Interstate, CVI State Championships and all Melbourne Competitions. She was presented with a SEV Official of the Year in 2009.

Alison has been a Victorian Branch Committee member since 2002 having held the positions of Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Accreditation Officer and Cadet Coordinator over that time. She currently holds the position of President.

Jennie Feutrill

Karen Hicks

ASCA delegate – South Australia

Karen joined the Australian Society of Calisthenics Adjudicators in 1989.  In 2016 Karen received the ACF Official of the Year award. She has held all executive positions on the South Australian committee including President from 2003 to 2006 and served on the Adjudicators Advisory Board for many years, returning in 2019.

Karen adjudicated at the National Championships in 2004, 2010, 2016 & 2019 has been very fortunate to adjudicate at Royal South Street covering all grades and sections including the Senior Graceful Competition on two occasions.  She has travelled to many States adjudicating all facets of our wonderful sport and says it is always a privilege to adjudicate interstate, not only for the great competition but to touch base with her colleagues and the many friends she has met over the years.

In 2005 she received a Certificate of appreciation for outstanding voluntary service to Calisthenics from the State Government.  She also has been a board member of the callisthenic Association of South Australia and was honoured with Life Membership by her state in 2006.

Lisa Vettese

ASCA delegate – South Australia

Lisa commenced her Calisthenic career aged two following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother.  As a pupil, she was chosen for many championship state teams.  She won Junior, Intermediate and Senior South Australian State Graceful Titles and in 1979 won the Graceful Girl at Royal South Street.   In 1980, she was a member of a combined team from Adelaide and Melbourne, travelling to America to promote Calisthenics.

Lisa is a Level 2 Coach and has been coaching for over 40 years, having successfully taught all age groups at the top level in State and National Competitions.  She has trained many girls in graceful, solo and duo competitions with winners in State, National and RSS.  In 2012 she was co-coach and a competitor in the Inaugural Pan Pacific Masters competition.

Lisa began adjudicating in 1980 with the SA ASCA Branch.  During this time she has held executive positions including President, Vice President, Secretary and Accreditation Officer.   Since 2017, she has enjoyed the camaraderie of being a member of the Adjudicators Advisory Board.  She has adjudicated in all age groups and aspects of calisthenics in South Australia and Interstate.  The Ballarat senior week was especially enjoyable, the highlight being the Graceful Girl and the Inaugural Solo Competition.  Lisa has also adjudicated dance competitions in Adelaide.

Lisa is fortunate to share her passion with her mother and daughter who, for most of her life, has been a competitor and now a coach.  Together their love for calisthenics continues to strengthen.’.
Dawn Chester

Dawn Chester

ASCA delegate – Western Australia
Dawn commenced adjudicating in Western Australia in 1979 and during this time she has held many roles within the WA Branch as President, Vice President, Secretary and Accreditation Coordinator. Dawn is a delegate on the Adjudicators’ Advisory Board and is also a Life Member of both CAWA and ASCA(WA). Dawn has worked on many committees and is the Adjudicator representative on the CAWA Board of Management and has held this position for over 20 years.
Dawn has coached Championship teams and State teams over many years and has also adjudicated across all sections and levels of calisthenics. Adjudicating appointments have included ACF National Championships, RSSS Ballarat Eisteddfod, interstate and local competitions. In addition to adjudicating Dawn is also a Calisthenics Skills Examiner.

Dawn’s involvement as a participant, coach, skills examiner, adjudicator and Calisthenic mum demonstrate the lifelong commitment and passion she has for developing, promoting and nurturing this wonderful sport of Calisthenics.

Shirley Pettitt

Lynette Cousins

ASCA delegate – Victoria

Lynette has been involved in Calisthenics most of her life.  She was a pupil at an elite club for 20 years then made the transition into coaching.  She has coached all age groups, including a Senior Championship team for 13 years in Victoria, winning aggregates both at CVI State Titles and RSSS.  Lynette has also coached 3 Victorian State teams, winning  the 2010 Senior National Championships.  She has mentored teams from the Northern Territory and ACT; and was awarded Victorian Coach of the Year in 2018.

Lynette commenced adjudicating in 2002 joining ASCA (Vic) as a Cadet Adjudicator and attained Advanced 2 Maintenance in 2016.  She has adjudicated at the CVI State Titles, RSSS and all Melbourne/Victoria team and solo competitions.  She has also travelled to all States and Territories to adjudicate.  Lynette has been on the ASCA (Vic) Committee since 2015, holding the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and now Vice President.  She is looking forward to becoming a Victorian representative on the Adjudicators Advisory Board.

Margaret Bourne

Margaret Bourne

ASCA delegate – Western Australia

Margaret is one of Western Australia’s inaugural Calisthenics Adjudicators with approximately 40 years adjudicating experience,  She has held many positions with ASCA (WA) Branch having served on the Committee as Secretary, Cadet Co-Ordinator. Accreditation Co-Ordinator, Treasurer and President.  She has been a delegate on the Adjudicators” Advisory Board from its commencement.

Margaret’s adjudication experience extends across all sections and levels of Calisthenics. Adjudicating appointments have included all States, Territories, ACF National Championships, Royal South Street, Pan Pacific Masters and CVI State Championships. Her calisthenic achievements include ASCA Life Membership and ACF Official of the Year.  Margaret has always been dedicated to the Australian Society of Calisthenic Adjudicators and is committed to the ongoing development and promotion of our sport.

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