Standing committees

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Structure & Responsibilities

Each ACF Standing Committee has a discreet area of responsibility and each committee is responsible to the Board to provide inputs from their area of focus and expertise.


The State Advisory Council is responsible for providing external advocacy and communication links from the Member States to ensure the strategic direction and ongoing management reflects the changing needs of all stakeholders; stakeholders being participants, parents, clubs, and volunteers.

State    Delegate
ACT    Jacqui Reber
ACT    Debra Baker
NSW Danielle Lamour
SA Chris Mulraney
SA Carmel Margeritis
VIC Julie Fox
VIC Margaret Sprague
WA Christine Polglaze
WA Jodie Appleton
NT Anna Kmon
NT Karen Mellor
QLD Meg Graham


The ACFCC is responsible for developing and reviewing relevant policies and procedures to ensure current and efficient management of coaching courses, coach accreditation and the updating requirements for coaches.

In addition, the committee is responsible for the recruitment, onboarding and induction of committee members; the ongoing performance and review of the committee and contribution of individual members; and the committee’s budget.

Head of ACFCC - Carolyn Fortune


The AAB is responsible for all matters pertaining to adjudication at the National level. Responsibilities include the development and ongoing maintenance of a National Cadet Adjudicator Training Course, the National Adjudicators' Accreditation Program.

Follow the ASCA Constitution, By-laws and the AAB Procedures as set out and accepted by the members of the ASCA and the ACF. Maintain positive communication and participation in the Sports Australia Education and Accreditation Scheme, including attendance at required conferences, seminars and workshops.

Head of AAB - Kerryn Waddell


The EAB is responsible for all matters pertaining to the National Calisthenic Examination System and Calisthenic Skills Program. Responsibilities include the development and ongoing maintenance of a National Examinee Training Course, and the National Examiners Accreditation Program.

Maintain positive communication and participation in Sport Education and attendance at required NOAS conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Head of EAB - Diane Winterling


The Competition Rules Committee are responsible for the development and maintenance of National Rules and Regulations and ensuring the rules are interpreted consistently across States and Territories and between all stakeholders, including coaches, adjudicators, and competition committees.

In addition the committee administers the applications from Member State for 'flexible rules' to cater for their own needs and operation, with the focus remaining on rules that are simple, easy to administer and that encourage the continued growth of creativity and participation of Calisthenics.

Head of Competitions & Rules - Anita Roser