ACF Board

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Structure & Responsibilities

The ACF Board is responsible for the structures, processes, actions, resourcing and achievement of strategic goals as defined in the Strategic Business Plan.

It attains these outcomes through:

  • The ACF Board
  • The ACF Operations Team
  • The State Advisory Council
  • The Standing Committees

It is also responsible to attaining external resources, managing external advocacy and communication links. Together we enthusiastically try to mould the sport to identify and meet the changing needs of all stakeholders; including participants, parents, and the government.

ACF Board

Company Secretary (Acting)
Liz Kratzel
Chrissie Maus
Winne Blackwell
Michelle Dowling
Jonathan Pitt
Richard Emery

ACF Operations Team

The operations team is directly responsible for the ACF's day-to-day operations and profitability, the National Operations Manager reports directly to the chairperson/president and the board of directors. It is the Operations Team's responsibility to implement board decisions and initiatives, as well as to maintain the smooth operation of the organisation. The National Operations Manager keeps the Board informed in the National Operations Manager Report to the Board.

National Operations Manager - Danielle Bennett
Finance & Admin Officer - Andrea Ponton
Marketing & Communications Officer - Michaela Keast