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About our ACF Awards

There are many wonderful people in each State who have made a massive contribution to calisthenics for many years, some over a lifetime, and ware indeed fortunate to have these people as part of our community.

ACF recognises these contributions by the presentation of awards, annually, at the National Championships.

Award Categories

  • Life Membership
  • Coach of the Year
  • Official of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Diamond Coach Award
  • Diamond Adjudicator Award
  • Certificate of Recognition
Criteria for nomination can be found on the nominations forms located in our online Resource Centre.

Nomination forms can be found here


Life Members

   Rex Packer    Kerry McGough    Janet Sincock         Bill Scott    Margaret Lingahm    Kathleen Summers     
   Liz Kratzel    Jenny Buchanan         David Hooper    Gwenda Lucas    Christine Polglaze
   Beverly Alley    Diane Winterling         Margaret Campbell    Kerry Fullarton
   Lorraine Spencer         Meredith Phillis    Pam O'Donnell-Paris         Karen Quinn
   Lynne Hayward    Sandra O'Keefe
   Brenda Green
   Joy Smith

Coach, Official and Volunteer of the Year Awards

Year Coach of the Year Official of the Year Volunteer of the Year
  2005     Rachel Holdway - ACT        Linley Campbell - WA    
  2006     Sarah Chalmers - QLD   Julie Fox - VIC    Gwenda Lucas - VIC        
2007   Sue Smith - VIC   Diane Winterling - SA         Liz Kratzel - ACT
2008   Sarah Carthew - VIC   Barbara Nickless - VIC    Anita Roser - QLD
2009   Danae McGregor - SA   Dawn Chester - WA   Trish McLeod - VIC
2010   Narelle Potter - VIC   Sharon Stubbs - SA   Joy Smith - VIC
   2011/12      Jill Goss - VIC   Kerryn Waddell - VIC   Meredith Phillis - SA
2013   Jeanne Sorich - VIC   Margaret Bourne - WA           Jennie Power - ACT
2014   Katrina Berryman - VIC         - -
2015   Karen Quinn - WA   Cheryle Ablett - SA -
2016   Lucinda WIlliams - VIC   Karen Hicks - SA   Sandra O'Keefe - WA
  Jenny Atkinson - WA
  Gail Benson - WA    
2017   Stefanie Bond - VIC   Shirley Pettitt - VIC   Belinda Coghlan - QLD
2018   Nikki Ianunzio - SA   Jennie Feutrill - SA   Christine Polglaze - WA         
2021 - -   Elizabeth Hickey - VIC

Diamond Coach Award

Year Recipient State
2010   Enid Feltham VIC
2010   Julie Waites VIC
  2011     Margaret Lingham VIC
2011   Pat Marsh VIC
2014   Marlene Buckthorpe    VIC  

Diamond Adjudicator Award

Year Recipient State
2013   Brenda Green VIC

Certificates of Recognition

Year Recipient For State
2014   Ann Craig   Long service to ACFCC   ACT  
    2014       Lorraine Spencer      Long service to ACFCC ACT
2014   Barbara Nickless   Long service to Adjudication    VIC

Coaching Excellence Award

Year Recipient State
 2010   Nikki Ianunzio SA