In 1979 the Calisthenic Skills Programme was developed and established along similar lines to RAD (Royal Academy of Dance -international ballet examination system), with the purpose of elevating the status of Calisthenics to a more prestigious level with greater credibility and safety for our participants.

In association with this initial concept the ACF (Australian Calisthenic Federation) initiated and recognized Jean Leafs’ [B.AppSc(phty) M.A.P.A. Grad DipMan.Phty.M.M.P.A.A.] research highlighting duty of care and the long term benefits of correctly executed calisthenics and hence the value and necessity of the Calisthenic Skills programme is now acknowledged along with the status of achievement.

The aim of the Calisthenic Skills Programme is to improve technique and provide strength and correct placement for movements so that candidates can continue to remain and enjoy our sport for many years. The programme allows for individual progression and recognition of achievement in all facets of calisthenics.

Today the skills programme is established in all the States and Territories with a Calisthenic Association and has been expanded to encompass all ages and abilities through 3 Test levels, 4 Standards, 5 Grades and Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals. Thousands of students each year all over Australia are prepared and presented for their skills examination.