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Our Structure

The aim of ACF is to nationally develop, promote, administer and co-ordinate in a professional and efficient manner, the unique Australian sport of Calisthenics for the enjoyment and benefit of all.

We have two levels of decision making, the Committee of Management and The Council.


This level is responsible for the structures, processes, actions, resourcing and achievement of strategic directions identified by the Council.

It attains these outcomes primarily through the sub-committees of:

  • ACF Coaching Committee (ACFCC)
  • Adjudicators Advisory Board (AAB)
  • Examiners Advisory Board (EAB)


It is also responsible to attaining external resources, managing external advocacy and communication links. The committee meets 3 or 4 times a year in person and occasionally via teleconference. Together with The Council, we enthusiastically try to mould the sport to identify and meet the changing needs of all stakeholders; stakeholders being participants, parents, and the government, in the face of competition from other sports and escalating costs.


Elizabeth Kratzel (President)

Liz has been involved in calisthenics at Club, State and National levels as an administrative volunteer since 1997 when her two daughters, Megan and Jenna joined the newly formed club in the ACT, Brindabella Calisthenics College.

Liz has been President at club and state levels and in 2012 accepted the role of ACF President. Prior to accepting this role she was the ACF Director of Competitions from 2003 to 2012. At state level she is the co-convenor of competitions in the ACT.

Liz has also achieved Life Member status at club and state levels and in 2013 was awarded Life Membership of ACF.

Apart from calisthenics Liz works full time for the Australian Government as a Personnel Manager and enjoys family life with husband Bill, son Matthew (and partner Jacqui) and a beautiful grandson Brodie and daughters Megan and Jenna.  Liz has witnessed many calisthenics participants from a very young age grow and develop into beautiful, self confident adults and this is her motivation in contributing further to our sport.

Michelle Turner (Director of Finance)

Michelle started her calisthenics journey at the age of 6 at Monterey Calisthenics Club.  She always had a passion for calisthenics which is why she decided to hang up her clubs and become a Level 1 Coach in 2006.  She coaches at Kingston Calisthenics College and believes that one of the best parts of being a coach is the friendships you develop not only with the girls but with their families too.  Michelle is currently undertaking her Level 2 Coaching Course.

In 2010 she decided to “give back” to the sport that had given her so much over the years and joined the CVI Committee of Management.  She thought it would be a great way to help grow the sport into the future and share her love and passion for the sport.  She believes that through her involvement in calisthenics it has allowed her to have the confidence, drive and ambition to succeed as a person personally and professionally.

Outside of calisthenics (if there is such a thing!) Michelle is the Administration Manager for a Holden Dealership and has a husband and two sons.

Lynne Hayward (Director of Planning)

Lynne was appointed President of ACF in 2004 until 2012. She automatically assumed the role of Immediate Past President of ACF and then was elected as ACF  Director of Planning in 2013.

Lynne has been involved with calisthenics as a performer in early days and later as a member of the Jeaden Masters team competing at the Pan Pacific Masters Games.


  • has been a member of the CVI Committee of Management for the past 13 years
  • was President of the VCCA for three years
  • has been a state team section manager
  • has written two calisthenic books.

Outside calisthenics, Lynne has been running her own training consultancy business for 28 years specialising in leadership and customer service training for all sectors of business. She has a passion for helping people reach full potential, either in their work careers or their sporting careers.

Anita Roser (Director of Competition)

Anita has been involved in Calisthenics for 20 years supporting her daughters as Sub Juniors in 1993.  She became actively involved at club level and the following year at State level.Anita represented her club on the CAQI Executive for 10 years before becoming CAQI President in 2006, where she held this position for 8 years and is currently the CAQI Acting Treasurer.

Her support in Queensland to the Calisthenic community was rewarded in 2011 when she received the first CAQI Life Membership award.Anita has represented Queensland as a delegate on the ACF Council since 2006, and this year was successfully elected to the position of Director of Competition.

Anita supports the development of Calisthenics both in Queensland and the whole of Australia by her participation on the ACF Committee of Management.  Her 3 daughters and husband support her involvement at both National and State level. Anita’s passion for watching young people grow and do their very best stems from her job as an Educator in the Child Care industry.

Meredith Phillis (Director of Coaching)

Married to Neville, Meredith has three adult children, two son in laws and 4 grandsons. She works full time as the Adelaide District Manager for H & R Block Registered Tax Agents.

Meredith has been involved in Calisthenics all her life, as a competitor, State team representative, Coach, Mother of competitors, Mother of Coach. She has been on the ACFCC since May 1997 and Director of Coaching since July 2002. Currently, she is also a member of the CASA Committee of Management and the CALSAC committee.

Meredith is also a Life Member of the ACF, CASA and CALSAC.

Her involvement in Calisthenics helps maintain a balance between work and leisure activities which include of course Calisthenics, House Boating and enjoying her beautiful Grandsons.

Diane Winterling (Director of Cali Skills)

Calisthenics has had a significant impact in my life and my association with our wonderful sport has been developed over many years.

Diane has been involved at club and state representative level, as a Level 2 Coach, a Member of the Calisthenic South Australian Coaches executive and Level 2 Coordinator, as a Level 2 Adjudicator, Gold Medal Examiner and Calisthenics Association of South Australia Calisthenic Skills Administrator. This involvement has given an insight into and knowledge of all levels of our sport.

Her professional career within the Department of Education and Children’s services in teaching, leadership and the corporate section has helped her acquire organisational, communication and decision making skills.

As the ACF Director of Skills, I am delighted to offer my expertise to the Australian Calisthenic Federation and the Examiners Advisory Board.

Kerryn Waddell (Director of Adjudicating)

Kerryn has been a member of ASCA (Victoria) since 1989 having served on the Committee as Secretary, the CVI Director of ASCA, Vice President and President.  She has adjudicated a broad range of divisions and age groups in all States, Territories, at Royal South Street since 1996; and at the National Championships on 3 occasions.   Her recent Calisthenic achievements include ASCA Life Membership, ACF Official of the Year 2012, a CVI Certificate of Appreciation and the VIS Official of the Year.

Kerryn has been a representative of the Adjudicators’ Advisory Board for 10 years, and in 2013, commenced as the AAB Director of Adjudicating.  As the Director she looks forward to providing leadership, support and direction to the AAB on all matters related to adjudication; acting as an adviser to the ACF on the training, education and accreditation of Adjudicators; and identify the changing needs of adjudication and with the AAB developing plans to meet these.

Kerry Fullarton (Executive Officer)


Tara Sullivan (Director of Information and Communication)




ACF Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)

The role of the MPIO is to provide any members (states and individuals) with assistance in member protections issues.

This position is currently vacant.

All correspondence to be addressed to the ACF Executive Officer at eo@calisthenicsaustralia.org

The ACF Executive Officer will then liaise with the ACF President to determine further progression of the complaint.



Committee of Management Meetings

  • 7th February, 2015
  • 23rd May, 2015
  • 8th August, 2015
  • 28th November, 2015